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[02 Apr 2005|03:29am]
fresh sangria and lemon tea

[29 Mar 2005|03:11pm]
three days three stories

"the newly aged prophet"

there was a man that sat quietly on the side of the road
I first saw his face in the summer before eight grade
he was surprisingly shaved and full
over flowing with joy like a leaky foist
dripping drops of whatever into a stopped up sink
I never saw him when he wasn't showing teeth
days went by and like a lost dog I cried
when I didn't see him there, with his long matted up hair
Till then he had never left, and always left his eyes on me
days turned to months and years passed us up
just like the cars waving bye bye, with their tail lights
I swear I saw him on my way to work
just a shark in the water, waiting
killing things with his voice and his words
as he smiled, and frowned, and grinned
"gutters are more my home, more so
than the wife and kids, if I had any that is"
he said "I might reconsider. Thank you young man.
the coffee as warm as a heart but I must get going"
out of the corner of my eye I felt such a fool
I got home to see where work had called
so I threw away my phone
I turned on the TV and the only thing on
was the news and death doesn't fancy me
so I threw that out too and in all of my loneliness
I decided to sell all that I own and move
there was a man that sat quietly on the side of the road
with his little black case that held, all that he loved
and his name, the one he had made up
to better suit his face and a sign that said
"don't give me anything, please pity your own shame"


"mr. president and then"

across the street are little men that look like children but have grown
with the demands of public opinion, they dress for the attention
and their smiles are sewn from cheek to cheek
in attempts persuade the greeks and rule as kings
all night its planning war on cue cards
and confiding lives into little board games
say little man, mr president
do i get my own little game piece?
so when i die you can toss it away just like
a job or a life, this town that just fell
in between the cracks of your voice
or is it when night comes to day
you are done planning all of your mistakes

this is no movie
not for your entertainment in reality, on a screen
i am satisfied just watching
and sleeping with my dreams
where all families have their pets and
they don't love them, more than their kids
we are in the middle states
away from the more popular sites
we can watch the fire works from across the ocean
and count the stars all at once

And... in the house diagonal from the sea
there sits all alone with single grin, this guy
that welcomes frowns ever now and then
they are preferred and presumed to be heard
wrapping himself up in the curtains
from where he watches the world grow
he retires the day into night and...
gathered in the corner of his bed sheets
with a candle, a journal, and a pen
he documents his love and then..
writes in the form of photos from his brain
he knows all of the things he does not believe

this is no love story
where we meet and everything falls into place
like pieces cut to their exact shape
no, we could not be so lucky
as to have to cut away
from the bark and the silver lining
to find what no one shall tell
just whisper rhythm in your sleep
the words dare not amuse themselves

drinking vodka by the bar fire burning to my right
and a stirring fight on my other side
just waiting, for the wailing
the come up on channel three
walk home beside the ending
where everything hurts as it should



I am in love with someone that remembers how they dream
I am lusting for this sort of redemption in drum beats
from my organs down threw my veins, we are
just organelles trapped in a shape, a shell

sometimes I hope for love but most of the time I wish it away
As for you i wish you to stay, just the same
and I would love for days and days

I moved into this house, where I clean myself up
after the nights I retire my life, to the city
under its street lights and its drains, consistently
where I am washed away...
my sins are strained into the crowd

lets try this again without all of the blunt statements
you can guess at what Im saying
and I can pretend that you are right
after all the world is a lie, but it is life
and if thats all I get, don't waste my time
with your shitty rhymes and bad tunes

so play... for me because I like you, I like you

sometimes I hope for love but most of the time I wish it away
As for you iI wish you to stay, just the same
and I would love for days and days
fresh sangria and lemon tea

[27 Mar 2005|03:48pm]
fresh sangria and lemon tea

[26 Mar 2005|11:29am]
so ive gota a few new things in the past week/weeks... here they are
:)Collapse )
fresh sangria and lemon tea

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